Private chefs/cooks

At Professional Placement Services we can assist you with the placement of domestic chefs and cooks. We can do so either on a part-time basis or a fulltime basis depending on what your requirements are.

To work all day, battle the traffic and get home to your family only to spend the rest of the evening cooking and cleaning doesn’t leave much time for you to spend with your family. Having a domestic chef or cook to cook meals for you not only ensures that you will have more time to relax when you get home but also that you and your family have a healthy evening meal.

Our domestic chefs are available can live in or out and can work every day or a few times a week.

This is a private cook or chef who will come into your home and prepare meals as per your request. We have a selection of different types of chefs with different cooking backgrounds.

Their duties would include and are not limited to ensuring the kitchen is in order and clean, designing menus and writing out grocery lists. Some of our chefs have their own cars and will happily do all your grocery shopping if you require this.

Placement Fees:

These are once-off agency/placement fees. These fees do not include the amount payable to the chosen candidate for their time and services.
The once-off placement fee is payable once and if you decide to hire one of our candidates. No fee is payable for just interviewing our candidates.
The placement fee will be payable on receipt of the invoice. Permanent/ongoing placement fees are calculated according to how many days per week you require the chef to work for you.

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