School facilitators

School facilitators

At Professional Placement Services we are able to assist you and the school your child attends find a great and qualified facilitator. Facilitators are sometimes required to attend school with your child and give your child an extra helping hand in the classroom. This can be for a short period or your child may need this assistance for an extended period. This allows your child to have a one on one learning experience but still within a normal school environment.

Most of our school facilitators have their own car and a driver’s licenses.

Placement Fees:

These are once-off agency/placement fees. These fees do not include the amount payable to the chosen candidate for their time and services.
The once-off placement fee is payable once and only if you decide to hire one of our candidates. No fee is payable for just interviewing our candidates.
The placement fee will be payable on receipt of the invoice. Permanent/ongoing placement fees are calculated according to the hours you use the candidate on a weekly basis.


We have scribes available to assist your special needs child when writing an test, assessment or exam. Scribes are a great solution for children whom have learning difficulties and although they know and understand the work they are to be tested on, these children struggle to either write down the answers or they are unable to read the questions confidently enough. Sometimes children need a scribe for both the reading and the written work. Our scribes are trained to assist only where required and your child will still have to give the answer to the scribe whom will read the question to your child and then write the child’s exact answer down on the child’s behalf. We have found that scribes are usually necessary for children with any learning difficulty ranging from ADHD to children whom have Dyslexia or Dysgraphia.

The scribe will go to your child’s school at the time your child is writing his/her test, exam or assessment. The scribe will stay for the duration of the test and will not interfere with the child’s thought patterns on what the answer to the question is.

All candidates screened and reference checked for your peace of mind.

Hourly rates or salaries are negotiable.

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