Domestic nannies

At Professional Placement Services we can assist you in finding the right domestic nanny for your children. We do temporary or permanent nanny placements.

We have a selection of great live in and live out nannies available. Some of our nannies even have a driver’s license so they are able to assist with household errands too.

Our domestic nannies are usually recommended to us by other families who are re-locating or immigrating so we are in close contact with their employers. Our domestic nannies are suited to caring and supervising your baby/toddler/tween or teen. They are also happy to do domestic chores. Most of our candidates can cook and are experienced with putting together a healthy family meal.

Placement Fees:

These are once-off agency/placement fees. These fees do not include the amount payable to the chosen candidate for their time and services.
The once-off placement fee is payable once and if you decide to hire one of our candidates. No fee is payable for just interviewing our candidates.
The placement fee will be payable on receipt of the invoice. Permanent/ongoing placement fees are calculated according to how many days a week you require the domestic nanny to work.

Night Nurses

We have a selection of qualified and experienced night nurses to assist with new born babies, older babies and toddlers and children up to 5 years old. The night nurse is there to ensure Mom and Dad get a full night sleep. Whether it be that the parent is facing just the normal run of the mill night feeds when baby wakes 3 times to be fed. Or whether it be that you are weaning your baby off the night time bottles. Or perhaps you just have a bad sleeper or perhaps you have been blessed with twins/triplets and you just need an extra set of hands. The night nurse can assist with gentle sleep training too at an age appropriate time. Some people only use a trained night nurse for a few months, others a few weeks and sometimes the night nurse is needed for a 6-12 month period. Whatever your needs, we have the right lady for you.

All candidates screened and reference checked for your peace of mind.

Hourly rates or salaries are negotiable.

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