Private Lifting, Sitters

Private lifting

We can supply you with the placement of private lifting services as well. This will be for your child only and the lifter is dedicated to only your child for the duration of the lift. All of our lifters have their own cars and valid driver’s licenses. Our lifters are responsible drivers who will take the utmost care of your children when they are passengers.

House/pet sitters

We can assist you with house sitters or pet sitters while you are away. Our pet or house sitters can either stay in or out. They will take great care of your fur babies as well as your home, pool, garden and plants while you are away.

Babysitters (Ad hoc and ongoing)

We can find permanent or temporary placements babysitter for you. Babysitters can stay over if required or just come in for the day or a couple of hours.

Babysitters are used for evening/night and weekend assistance with your child. We also do babysitters for functions such as weddings, parties, company functions. Please note this is a private service.

All of our babysitters have their own cars and driver’s licences.

Placement Fees:

These are once-off agency/placement fees. These fees do not include the amount payable to the chosen candidate for their time and services.
The once-off placement fee is payable once and if you decide to hire one of our candidates. No fee is payable for just interviewing our candidates.
The placement fee will be payable on receipt of the invoice. Placement fees are calculated according to whether the job is temporary or permanent.

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